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“In the midst of every crisis, lies great opportunity”

In a world where the omnipresence of (interactive) media puts a tremendous pressure on your reaction time, anticipating a crisis becomes increasingly crucial.


Preparing for, but also dealing with, potential crises and limiting the damage to one's reputation when a crisis rages, requires experience, time and energy.


We are a collective of Belgian crisis communication experts and can assist you efficiently, quickly and accurately at those crucial moments when thoughtful and effective communication is essential.


We have extensive experience with redundancies, bankruptcies, product recalls, environmental incidents, accidents, social and societal problems,....


Whatever crisis you are in, we guide and assist you throughout the entire communication process.



A good preparation is half the work. Being well prepared not only gives peace of mind, it also delivers concrete benefits. Reputational damage can be limited by communicating quickly, efficiently and correctly. Timing is crucial.


Our programs - tailor-made for each company - help you to be as well prepared as possible for a crisis. No matter how well prepared you are, a crisis can never be ruled out. Even then, we are ready to help you on the spot. And to work out a post-incident strategy to reverse any reputational damage that may have occurred.

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Workshop with senior management to identify all potential risks, how likely it is that they will occur, and their potential impact.

Before you even think of a crisis management plan, you first need to understand which situations could potentially turn into a crisis.


That's why we facilitate an interactive workshop, bringing together senior management and key team members to brainstorm about potential reputational risks, discuss how likely it is that they may occur, and the potential impact of each of those risks.


We then evaluate your current "crisis preparedness" by reviewing your existing crisis management plans, channels and tools.


Based on this, we write a report with recommendations on the communication strategy to be followed.

Risico Audit

Based on the risk audit, we develop a robust crisis communication plan and manual, which reflect the culture and vision of your organization.


After all, the vision of a company, but also the key messages must always be incorporated in all communications, especially in times of crisis. As crisis communication experts, we offer the necessary support to develop these key messages. We also help you identify all your target groups and we will develop a crisis communication manual together with you, including setting up a crisis team, a description of crisis communication procedures, the available communication tools (online and offline) per target group, Q&A lists, etc.




Development of a crisis communication manual, tailored to your organisation, so you know exactly what, when, how and who, in case of a crisis.




Staying cool in case of a crisis? But nevertheless conveying your key messages at the same time? You learn how during a media training.

As a spokesperson, you have a great responsibility. After all, you are literally the face of the company. A solid preparation is therefore indispensable to deal with the media in a constructive and successful way.


Our media training is a full-day training, starting with a theoretical part:


  • What does the current media landscape look like today?

  • How do journalists work?

  • What are the do's and don'ts in relation with the press?

  • How do you deal with hostile or difficult questions from the press?

  • How do you transfer your key messages in a credible way?


The theory is then immediately put into practice by means of concrete exercises with camera. You will be presented with fictitious scenarios, in which we will both evaluate your verbal and non-verbal communication. For large companies or organizations with multiple spokespersons, media training can also be used as an assessment to identify the most crisis-resistant spokesperson.


Moreover, all the techniques learned are also relevant and applicable in presentations and negotiations with internal and external stakeholders (customers, suppliers, authorities, local residents, NGOs...).

Eerste hulp bij crisis

Our team can be deployed on site or work remotely, continuously in consultation with your crisis team to further analyse the situation and develop a robust response strategy.


In any case, we always offer customized work: we become your crisis press agency, oversee the reporting and social media calls, and give one phone number and email address to the media and other stakeholders so we can answer all questions and ensure consistency of response.

Eerste hulp bij crisis.png



Via our central telephone number you will immediately get a crisis expert on the line. He or she will make an initial analysis of the situation and advise you on the best steps to take first.

24_7 ondersteuning.png



If you want to be guaranteed 24/7 support, 365 days a year, you can also sign an annual crisis contract with us.

If you have an annual subscription with us, you get the guarantee that we can be reached via a 24-hour service, 7 days a week.


In addition to a guaranteed permanence, you can also count on the following support:


  • A six-monthly 'check-up' with two advisors: your permanent contact person and one additional expert from the collective. During this check-up we check whether the procedures, tools and business information we have are still up-to-date. To ensure that, if necessary, we can act quickly and adequately.

  • A 20% discount on our rates for, among other things, audit, preparation/adjustment of manual or crisis plans, media training and assistance in the event of a crisis.


Collaboration on an annual basis: fixed monthly fee of 200 euros.

24/7 ondersteuning

Needless to say that the emergence of (social) media has accelerated the speed of sharing information. As a result an even solidly built reputation may not remain immune to attacks and/or unexpected crises. Moreover, disinformation or fake information can also seriously damage your company's reputation.


Relying on our vast experience as reputation managers, we are happy to assist companies in carefully monitoring/managing your reputation with various internal and external stakeholders, anticipating or intervening in crisis situations.


Following a crisis or incident, we map out how much damage your reputation has suffered among your most important target groups and - if necessary - develop a plan to rebuild your reputation and restore confidence in your company among your target groups.




A good reputation is key. We help you to restore your reputation and - in the event of a crisis - to guard it or restore it.

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