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Staying cool in case of a crisis? But nevertheless conveying your key messages at the same time? You learn how during a media training.

As a spokesperson, you have a great responsibility. After all, you are literally the face of the company. A solid preparation is therefore indispensable to deal with the media in a constructive and successful way.


Our media training is a full-day training, starting with a theoretical part:


  • What does the current media landscape look like today?

  • How do journalists work?

  • What are the do's and don'ts in relation with the press?

  • How do you deal with hostile or difficult questions from the press?

  • How do you transfer your key messages in a credible way?


The theory is then immediately put into practice by means of concrete exercises with camera. You will be presented with fictitious scenarios, in which we will both evaluate your verbal and non-verbal communication. For large companies or organizations with multiple spokespersons, media training can also be used as an assessment to identify the most crisis-resistant spokesperson.


Moreover, all the techniques learned are also relevant and applicable in presentations and negotiations with internal and external stakeholders (customers, suppliers, authorities, local residents, NGOs...).

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