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Ann Van Steenkiste



Ann has more than 20 years of experience in PR and crisis communication. She has assisted numerous companies - from small SMEs to multinationals - in both crisis preparation and management.


Ann works very meticulously, is very practical and advises companies and organizations in developing a crisis plan and manual, in case of restructuring, reputational damage, product recalls, (historical) environmental pollution, corporate disasters (fire, death, ...) and many other sensitive issues.


Together with her fellow crisis experts, she can easily take on the role of spokesperson, but can also act very hands-on.

Tom De Bruyckere



For more than 27 years Tom has been advising numerous organizations and companies with regards to stakeholder management and crisis communication. His motto: prevention is better than cure, and in crisis situations, communication preparation is not half the work, but 90% of it. This certainly applies to company closures or restructurings, accidents or calamities, but also in the search for support for companies in environmentally sensitive sectors.


For a number of clients, Tom was in the line of fire himself, as spokesperson, and he is also a very experienced media trainer.

Grégoire Van Den Ostende



Grégoire has more than 25 years of experience as an external communications consultant for national and international companies and associations, in a wide range of sectors. He also has more than twenty years of experience as spokesperson.


Over the years, he has built up strong expertise in media training and crisis communication, including in the context of social, environmental and economic crises.


Grégoire likes to refer to the ancient Greek meaning of the word crisis: 'moment of truth, on which a decision has to be taken that can be of great influence for the future'.

Bart De Clerck_edited.jpg



Lawyer and ex-journalist Bart De Clerck runs the communication agency Com-Fort in the heart of Antwerp. A former TV and newspaper reporter and born networker, he has enthusiastically used his talents as a crisis communicator and media trainer for over 15 years for clients from the most diverse sectors (port, construction, legal, non-profit, automotive, shipping, IT, food industry, ...) They are all happy to confirm that Bart is only satisfied if he makes his clients “strong in communication”.




Sabine holds a master's degree in social communication from UCLouvain, trained in emergency planning and coaching. Her expertise is mainly in the field of strategic, environmental and crisis communication. For more than 30 years, she has been responsible for communication in Wallonia for public and private companies of all sizes (in the steel industry, food, chemistry, defence, environment...). She is also a teacher at HEC Liège and participates in various training courses.


Sabine easily intervenes in complex cases that require knowledge of industrial reality, legal aspects, the integration of different communication disciplines, a good pen and the gift of the word. She helps to anticipate, guides companies in difficult situations and helps to restore trust.

De Crisisexperts



Looking for advice or crisis guidance in the Netherlands? We work closely together with our Dutch colleagues of De CrisisExperts. Their network now includes seven experienced advisors, each with their own specific background. You can find more information on

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